Landscape Irrigation Efficiency Program (LIEP)

What is LIEP?

LIEP stands for Landscape Irrigation Efficiency Program, and is a water conservation program for large landscape water users in West Basin's service area. The LIEP program provides free landscape water evaluations for both residential and commercial landscape areas. These evaluations include a site survey, a list of recommended improvements and repairs, a recommended water budget and schedule, and free installation of high-efficiency sprinkler nozzles for qualified sites. These high efficiency nozzles use rotating streams to deliver water more efficiently to landscape areas, and reduce water wasted from misting or over spraying onto hardscapes. (Nozzles are available while supplies last.)

The LIEP program also includes funding for the West Basin Ocean Friendly Gardens (OFG's) and California Friendly Landscape Training (CFLT) classes. All components of LIEP are geared toward creating sustainable landscape practices that encourage native landscaping and ocean-friendly environments in coastal Southern California.

Free Surveys & Nozzles

For residential customers within West Basin's service area, the major benefit provided by the LIEP program is the free landscape surveys (done by a certified landscape professional from WaterWise Consulting), which include free sprinkler nozzle retrofits. During the initial LIEP landscape survey, a Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor (CLIA) will check the efficiency of the irrigation system by evaluating station run times, nozzle types & locations, and water coverage of the landscape area. The auditor will provide instant feedback regarding the status of the irrigation system, including a follow-up report that the business or homeowner can keep to maintain the irrigation system efficiently year-round. 

Many sprinklers currently being used for irrigation tend to distribute water as "mist", which is easily blown away by wind and wasted. Through the Landscape Irrigation Efficiency Program, customers can receive rotating nozzles, which distribute water in straight streams which are not easily blown by wind, and therefore are more likely to irrigate the areas they are intended for. After the LIEP landscape survey, the Landscape Auditor will replace any inefficient nozzles with water-saving rotator nozzles for free. (This retrofit program only available while supplies last and after auditor determines nozzle compatibility).



To participate in this program contact WaterWise Consulting at (888) 987-9473. Download a flyer HERE.

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