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Through the Cash For Kitchens Program (C4K), West Basin provides restaurants and other kitchen facilities with free water-use surveys to assess their current water usage. These surveys include strategies on how to conserve water, free conservation devices, a custom water-use report, and information about current commercial device rebates offered by utility agencies.

The Metropolitan Water District (MWD) is currently offering a $2 per square foot rebate for turf/grass removed from residential and commercial landscapes. West Basin Municipal Water District (West Basin) is adding an additional dollar to MWD's rebate for a total rebate of $3 or more per square foot of grass removed! 

West Basin is partnering with MWD to offer homeowners a free class designed to help transform your lawn into a more water-efficient landscape. West Basin will be hosting 5 separate classes throughout local cities beginning in Summer 2019. 

View the 2019 class calendar and register here.

West Basin's Landscape Irrigation Efficiency Program is a water conservation program for large landscape water users in West Basin's service area. The LIEP program provides outdoor water evaluations, which identify leaks, broken sprinklers & pipes, unnecessary runoff, sprinkler controller issues, and other water wasting problems in landscapes. The program includes sprinkler nozzle retrofits and an outdoor water-use report, complete with recommendations on more efficient outdoor watering habits for residents and businesses.

West Basin Municipal Water District partnered with the Surfrider Foundation to develop the “Ocean Friendly Landscape Program.” The Department of Water Resources awarded West Basin funding for the project. The project is comprised of 4 major components. It provides the following rebates, devices and resources to the public:

Ocean Safe Car Washes clean and recirculate their water to use 50-85% less water than the average home car wash and help prevent runoff & pollution from entering the ocean. Find your local car wash here!

Rain Barrels

Catch the rain and reduce your potable water use with a free rain barrel! West Basin provides its customers with free Rain Barrels during our Rain Barrel Giveaway Events. Find out more information and register for the next Rain Barrel event by clicking here.


Did you know that you can re-use laundry water for outdoor irrigation? Greywater is used water from sinks, showers, baths and washing machines; it is not wastewater and can be safely used for watering outdoor plants. Did you also know that you can re-use rainwater from your rooftop runoff for irrigation? Attend a West Basin Rainwater/Greywater Workshop to learn about the benefits of using rainwater and greywater and how to create a simple Laundry-to-Landscape (L2L) Greywater System!

Conserve water and save money with water conservation rebates! Rebates are available to help offset the costs of purchasing water conservation devices. West Basin partners with cities, local agencies, and water wholesalers to provide a suite of rebates available to its residential and commercial customers. Click here to find out which rebates your home or business may qualify for!


Conserving water doesn't have to mean a major lifestyle change. It can be as simple as taking a shorter shower or turning off the water while you brush your teeth. Learn easy ways to conserve water each and every day.