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Cash for Kitchens was developed by West Basin Municipal Water District to provide restaurants and other food service facilities such as corporate kitchens, hotels, & schools, with water-use assessments to assist them in their efforts to save water. The assessments provide information on current water usage, strategies on how to conserve water and free materials to assist management in training their employees to be more water-efficient. Some kitchens may also qualify for free water-saving devices, such as a pre-rinse spray valve, faucet aerators, and flow restrictors.

How to Participate

Call the South Bay Environmental Services Center to schedule an inspection visit for your restaurant - (310) 371-4633

Note: For restaurants located in Malibu, Culver City, West Hollywood, or Topanga, please call Hastings & Co. to schedule an inspection visit - (714) 296-2740

During the water-use assessment, the vendor will provide staff with water efficiency tips and training, and will also determine what type of conservation devices can be installed to reduce water waste. Common water conservation devices include pre-rinse spray valves, flow restrictors, and faucet aerators. Training manuals and posters are provided to train and remind staff of water efficient kitchen practices. Also, educational posters and childrens' coloring placemats are supplied to educate restaurant patrons about water efficient practices used by the restaurant.

After the initial visit and training, restaurant staff are provided with a post-visit water report detailing the water conservation goals & issues for each site. Staff are encouraged to install water conservation devices, adopt water-saving practices, and provide feedback to the vendor during a follow-up visit. This follow up visit includes checking that the devices are installed and used correctly, and that the devices are operating as expected.

Pre-Rinse Spray Valve (PRSV) in use.


Materials are available in English, Spanish, and Mandarin:

English: Poster - Training Manual

Spanish: Poster - Training Manual

Mandarin: Poster - Training Manual





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